Important! Tips to Choose Running Shoes that Comfortable for Your Activities According to Sports Doctors

It’s crucial to choose running shoes that are comfortable for your running because running has gained popularity in recent years among people of all ages. Running is now not only exclusively owned by athletes in the field of competition but is also in great demand by ordinary activists as a recreational sport.

Choose running shoes before running exercise
choose running shoes that comfortable for your running activities

According to sports medicine specialists, along with the increasing trend of running, people also need to know how to choose running shoes. According to him, the right running shoe is one that fits the shape or type of foot.

So, there are three types of feet, so usually, the sole of the shoe will be matched with the type of foot. Usually, every shoe brand has a choice for each type.

How to Choose Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

The foot type is divided into three, namely normal type, high type, and flat foot type. Here is the explanation.

1. Normal

Normal foot types have a natural arch on the inside of the foot. Most people have normal foot types.

2. High

The high foot type usually has an arch that tends to be higher than the normal type. The heel is usually the most burdened part of this type of foot because it is the foundation of body weight.

3. Flatfoot

The flat foot type has a small arch that even looks like it has no arch. This type of foot is also known as the ‘duck foot’ condition.

The next important tip is not to wear new shoes for long-distance races such as marathons. It’s a good idea to wear new shoes for recreational running first to get used to them.

Marathon (image : pexels-run-ffwpu-2654902)

In fact, you should not wear new running shoes for long-distance running such as marathon events and others. You should try to run short distances first. Only if you are comfortable on your feet, can you continue to use them for long-distance running.

Any shoes used should be comfortable and pain-free when used. Moreover, you must also learn proper running techniques in order to reduce the risk of injury.

choosing confortable shoes ( image: pexels-pixabay-163535)
choosing confortable shoes ( image: pexels-pixabay-163535)

So, running shoes are not only useful for protecting the feet, yes, but more than that, we should also be able to choose running shoes by the type that are comfortable for our feet.

But when we wear running shoes, no matter how expensive the technique (running) is, we still get injured.

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