Caution Collapse! Here’s How to Measure Your Ideal Heart Rate When Exercising

The causes of heart disease are not only associated with smoking, unhealthy eating patterns, and lack of exercise. In fact, not a few of us hear bad news from someone who lost their life while playing sports. So, we have to know our condition and measure our ideal heart rate when exercising.

Ideal heart rate we must know when exercising
It’s best to know our ideal heart rate when we work out, like when we go cycling. (image: pexels-mabel-amber-128202)

Moreover, in the last two years, cases of sudden death while cycling have surfaced in the news. On the other hand, cycling alone has many benefits, such as flexing muscles, reducing stress, helping to break down fat, and improving cardiovascular fitness.

So, why are people still having heart attacks while cycling? According to a cardiologist, there may be other factors that the person may unknowingly experience collapses, such as coronary heart disease and smoking. Another thing to watch out for is the body’s resistance to exercise.

Back to the victim. Does he have a history of illness or not? Smoker, right? Get enough rest before exercising, don’t you? Well, what we fear the most is coronary heart disease because it is a deadly disease that is the third biggest cause or it could be too much of a hobby so his body resistance is not ideal.

Rest when you need to during your workout. (image: pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3931104)
Rest when you need to during your workout. (image: pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3931104)

Someone who is too excited to do physical activity, not only cycling, often forgets the body’s capacity so that the organs in it do not work properly. After all, the heart needs time to normalize its rhythm so that blood flow can be smooth.

Even the heart needs time to beat and fill its blood again. If it beats continuously without a slight pause, the blood is not necessarily filled.

What is Ideal Heart Rate When Exercising?

Furthermore, the cardiologist said that everyone should know their maximum heart rate in order to know the capacity of the heart during exercise. This capacity can be obtained by subtracting 220 from the current age. The result of the lift, 50-70 percent, is a good target heart rate for exercise.

The maximum pulse is 220 minus age. The exercise target is only around 50-70 percent. So, in that range, it’s good.

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